On July 6, 2005, it was announced that London would host the 2012 Summer Olympics.   The next day, Thursday, July 7, the celebratory atmosphere was cruelly cut short when four suicide bombers struck in central London, killing 52 people and injuring more than 770 others.   The terrorists were Islamic extremists.   I wrote this poem very quickly upon hearing the news.   I am including it here even though it breaks my self-imposed rule of only posting already-published work on the site.   Firstly, although it was not published in print, it was posted on a couple of bulletin boards at the time.   Secondly, it was very topical and its time for publication has probably passed.   The relevance of the theme has not.

A Sonnet for London

The blood of broken innocents flows dark,
And mingles with the riverís heedless flood.
The crumbled stone and twisted steel loom stark,
And Terrorís blitz must once more be withstood.
The old unpausing Thames has oftentimes,
Been mirror to the flames of tyrantsí rage,
But soon a drama born of ancient climes,
Will unfold on a new, Olympic stage.
And there beside Thamesí bank brave Youth will race,
Outpacing in its joy the hounds of hate,
Athletic strength combine with matchless grace,
And humankind proclaim a nobler state.
    Though madmen kill and burn through vilest sin,
    Weíll grasp the torch and let the Games begin!

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