I am an Englishman...

...living in southern California, and I welcome you to my website.

I am developing a section on Hummingbirds, who used to visit me every summer but now seem inclined to stay all year round.   Attracting and feeding them is pretty simple, provided of course that they are nesting in your neighborhood, and I'll give a step-by-step guide to hummer hospitality.

In the section called Writings, you will find all of my writing that has already been published in print.

The section called Caviar is devoted to the celebration of the most unlikely element of Mankind's diet.   It will be a snobbery-free zone.   Eventually -- and yes, it will take time -- I will add a feature that enables anyone to post reviews of caviar brands.   Meanwhile, I am busy eating caviar and preparing reviews of my own.

I offer you a Book of Days , or at least, a page of them.

The Links section is, as you might imagine, a list of links to websites that are of interest to me and which I recommend.

A genealogy section will deal with family history topics in general and feature parts of the Reeve family tree.   I hope this will attract attention from anyone with family trees that share branches with mine, so that we could share information.

In the future, I intend to add a blog and a bulletin board to the site.   Also, I want to add a section called 'Travel', in which I'll post travel reviews.

My excuse for all this?   It's a chance to write about the things that interest me.   Also, I wanted to acquire web design and development skills, and 'the only way to learn it is to do it'.

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