The Reeve family tree, or at least, a branch of it...

...and if your family tree shares this branch, please let me know.   I have a lot more of my tree written up and, over time, I will put it all in this section (taking the usual, sensible precaution of not including the last 70 years).   I thought to begin with, I would just list the paternal line, with the eldest sons and their spouses.   I believe that my paternal line comes from The Netherlands.   My maternal line has German roots.   So I am, at some deep level, Germanic, Deutsche/Dutch.   This heritage manifests itself in a love of beer and sausages, a mustache, and an occasional urge to annex a neighboring state.

I doubt if I will ever trace my family tree beyond the sixteenth century, but DNA tests have taken me back further.   They indicate that my paternal line goes back to an Irish king known as Niall of the Nine Hostages, who ruled a kingdom in northern Ireland toward the end of the 4th century AD.   So prolific were he and his offspring, that it is thought there are about 3 million men alive today descended from him.   They include me, Stephen Colbert and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Many of Niallís descendents migrated to continental Europe, and my paternal ancestors possibly made their way through The Netherlands to East Anglia.   The Reeve family was resident at Garrett Manor in Essex, England at around the end of the 16th century.

Johannes, and the next five generations, were born in Bocking, Essex, England.

Johannes Reeve

c1539 - ?

Elizabeth Mault

c1535 - ?
Johannes married Elizabeth at St. James Church, Chignall, Essex, on 11/06/1566.

John was Christened on 2/12/1567, at St. Nicholas Church, Colchester, Essex.   He died at Gosfield, Essex.

John Reeve

c1561 - 01/09/1621

Mary Brock

c1567 - ?
John and Mary's daughter Anne (11/29/1590 - 01/20/1685) was born in Garrett Manor, Bocking. She and her children moved to Connecticut.   She died in Norwalk, Fairfield Co, Connecticut.   Her great-grandson Thomas Fitch was governor of Connecticut, 1754-1766. John Kerry is a direct descendant of Anne and is thus an 8th cousin of mine.

Jeremiah Reeve

c1592 - ?


c1590 - ?
I do not have Sarah's family name.

John Reeve



John Reeve

1652 - ?

Eleanor Brock

c1657 - 1704

Jeremiah Reeve

1689 - ?

Ruth Windell

c1688 - ?

John Reeve

1715 - 1746

Sarah Beckwith

c1711 - ?

Great-great-great-grandfather Jonah was a grocer, probably born in Bocking, like his forebears.

Jonah Reeve

1746 - 1807

Elizabeth Houston

1755 - 1826
Elizabeth was buried 1/17/1826 at Bocking.

Great-great-grandad Joseph was born in Barling or Woodham Ferrers, Essex, probably the latter.   He was a farmer.

Joseph Reeve

05/14/1780 - 1811

Amy Blakeley

c1780 - ?
Amy was born in the Woodham Ferrers area, in Essex, probably.   She married Joseph in Mundon, Essex, on 11/15/1805.

Great-grandad Joseph was born in Barling or Woodham Ferrers, Essex, and was baptised on 04/01/1811.

Joseph Reeve

c1809 - 03/16/1886

Marianne Lambert

c1809 - ?

My grandfather Joseph was born in Barling, Essex, England.   He was for a while an auctioneer in Southend, Essex.   He died at Yate, Gloucestershire and is buried at Filton, Bristol.

Joseph Reeve

07/16/1842 - 12/21/1926

Elizabeth Sarah Dean

11/19/1859 - 03/02/1947
My grandmother Elizabeth, a farmer's daughter, was born in Brentwood, Essex.   Joseph and Elizabeth were married 11/03/1886, at Camden Town, Middlesex.

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